Light / Medium Duty

Our goal is to save our customers money, and one of the main ways we can do this is through light and medium duty towing.

Light Towing Sunkiss Towing

Light Towing

Light towing is designed to carefully and efficiently tow motorcycles and exotic vehicles. With exotic vehicles, our towing equipment is built to go lower than normal towing gear, which allows us to properly tow the car and avoid damage.

Light-Duty Off Road Recovery Sunkiss Towing

Light-Duty Off-Road Recovery

In the Yellowstone area, off-road vehicles occasionally get stuck. Yellowstone Towing & Repair is the only company in the area with four-wheel drive off-road wreckers equipped to help get your vehicle out of even the most extreme situation.

Medium Recovery Sunkiss Towing

Side-Recovery Unit

Additionally, when we send our light recovery trucks to a scene, they feature side-pull recovery units. With the side-pull recovery units, we can complete recoveries without closing lanes. Our rollback trucks also feature side-pull recovery units, which allows us to send just one truck to recover your vehicle when others would have to send two trucks.

Medium Duty Sunkiss Towing

Medium Duty

Medium towing is cheaper than and often as effective as heavy towing, and we are the only company in the area that offers this service. Medium recovery trucks are powerful enough to tow a semi-truck, and they are smaller and able to maneuver through tight spaces in which a heavy truck cannot.