Heavy Recovery

At Yellowstone Towing & Repair, our fleet is equipped with several specialty heavy-duty wreckers.
We have two 60-ton ultra-heavy recovery wreckers and four 25-ton trucks that will help us effectively recover your semi-trucks and semi-tankers after an accident.

Heavy Recovery Sunkiss Towing

Incident Management

We have the ability to support law enforcement during temporary road closures with our Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Support Trailer. When major accident occurs, law enforcement is often required to redirect traffic or close a lane for further investigation, which can tie up other traffic control units. Our MOT Support Trailer has roadside flares, traffic cones, signs, LED traffic signals, beacon lights, and a support truck so we can come prepared.

Airbags Sunkiss Towing

Air Bags

When a tanker filled with liquid is involved in a wreck, it is often difficult to lift without draining the tank. At Yellowstone Towing & Repair, our MOT Support Unit features an air bag inflation system that allows us to lift the tanker enough to properly lift the truck without removing or damaging any of the load.